Cold Seal blister packaging is a combination of a pressure sensitive printed blistercard and a transparent blister. The blister is trapped

between two pieces of fully printed board that are sealed under specific pressure without using any heat.


Cold seal Blister Packaging

  • displays your product in all its visual appeal and features
  • protects it in transit and on the shelf
  • Cost effective
  • Offers Clean space for instruction



Pratiroop Mudran is for all of your complete Blister Packaging needs, integrates blisters and cards to deliver the packaging product you need in

  • almost any style, size or shape,
  • with a wide array of functional attributes and finishing.



Beyond these, blister packs and card also provide marketing advantages as they

  • contain promotional material or additional advertisements.
  • Customized designs may be used to further promote the company brand without increasing the cost drastically.

Value Added Specialities


MET PET Cartons along with Drip Off Finish, Spot UV, Hot Foling, High Quality Embossing

Security Printing Services to Avoid Counterfeiting of Brands Using Thermal and Coin Resistant Inks

Tamper Evident Cartons, Cold Seal Blisters, Poly-coated Oil/Grease Resistant Cartons

Braile Embossed Cartons for Visually Impaired Consumers, especially for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Intellitrax Scanning System to Assure 100% Printing Accuary and Quality



Winner of Six National Awards for Excellence in Printing