The strength of Pratiroop lies in the very fact that we can easily serve all the need of our client with an array of resourceful machinery. Stringent Quality checks right from raw-material to final product is done by our Quality Department through the Quality Standard Procedures (SOPS) and with the help of ERP we are able to maintain the standards across organization.


Our Pre-Press Department is equipped with the best and the latest in the print industry. We have adapted the globally acclaimed PDF-based workflow system with software like Prinergy Evo and Preps from Kodak.


Our team of expert designers are capable of handling complex artworks to assure optimum level of accuracy as per your expectations.



The outputting is done on Trendsetter Quantum 400 III plate-setter by Kodak, which has an incredible imaging speed of 43 plates per hour. Also, it allows us to process plates for as fine as a 20 micron dot with FM screening.


The print link generates data files of imaging on plates which are used for ink-setting on the printing machine.

Our Unique Capability

Printing Quality Assurance

Intellitrax Scanning System

We are one of the very few companies in India to install this world class instrument which allows us to deliver 100% accuracy of colours to our customers. By introducing this next generation colour measurement instrument into the press-side quality control process, we can assure optimum color quality, fast make-ready and reduced waste, Shorter runs. Faster turn times. Accurate consistent color.


Our pressroom is equipped with worlds latest offset printing machines , such as Komori LS 429, Komori Lithrone LS 632 , six colour offset UV press with inline coater, which helps us to do complicated operations such as UV printing , Drip off effects, Aqueous coating at the speed of 16000 sheets /hr.


We can handle paper, Plastic, metalized polyester, PVC or any non absorbent substrate. As well we can handle paper from 60 gsm to 700 gsm. Both machines are equipped with CIP4, KMS system and SAPC, have enabled us to minimize the set-up time and reduce the wastage.

Post Press

  • Gloss Lamination, Matt Lamination
  • Met pet Lamination
  • Automatic Carton Punching Machine along with high Quality Embossing
  • Foil stamping machine
  • Specialised machine which does Foling in different colours and finishes.

Bobst Folder Gluer Machine

This amazing machine helps us to produce various kind of cartons such as Reverse tuck in, Straight tuck in or Auto lock bottom cartons at a speed of more than million cartons a day.